Machine time Reservation System JAPANESE

Entrance Page
This system is able to reserve the machine time of instruments which are managed by 2 facilities listed below.

1. Instrument Center HOMEPAGE Mail to
2. Laser Research Center for Molecular Science HOMEPAGE Mail to

If you are not registered to this system, you can't reserve operation. But you can see INSTRUMENTS list from this page.
If you want to see the specification of instruments, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to read them.
Click right icon, you can get it.

When you want to reserve, please login this system.
If you didn't register this system, please go to REGISTRATION menu, first.
If you are outside of IMS, and you forget your password, please go to REGISTRATION menu.

Enter your E-mail address, and click NEXT PAGE button.
This area receive your password initialization (for outside of IMS user).

Select a kind of instruments, and you can see the LIST of INSTRUMENTS.

If you have some comments, mail to SYSTEM MANAGER about this system,
mail to each facility about instruments.

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